The Future of Decontamination

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Hytech Ireland

Hytech Ireland was formed in 2016 to bring innovative technology into Ireland, and place within the Health Sector. We work with the various stakeholders in the Health sector, to bring decontamination technology under one point of contact,

To best serve our clients we have no vested interested with any manufacturer or organisation, allowing us to provide independent, unbiased, clear and comprehensive results.

We deliver timely on-site trials for new technology and callorbative with state Bodies to help bring this to varying hospitals and clinics on Ireland. Our technology is specifically aimed at infection control. We also provide mobile technology for Air ambulances / ambulance vehicles and various other modes of transport in the medical setting.

Our technologies are to tackle HAL, as is both passive and reactive. 

Hytech’s decontamination solutions have become a fundamental part of successfully and safely delivering services to our patients

Hytech Distributor Relationships

Sterisafe Service

Fully equipped van for the providing of disinfection services to hospitals, commercial kitchens and sensitive industries.

The STERISAFE™-Service van can be applied to provide ad hoc or routine disinfection services. It is fully equipped with all crucial equipment able to disinfect rooms up 500 m3.

The van is equipped with:
  • five STERISAFE™-MOBILE units
  • monitoring equipment
  • safety equipment
  • biological test equipment
  • sealing equipment

The van can be used for routine disinfection of operating theatres, intensive wards or commercial kitchens and production areas.

The STERISAFE™-Service will be operated by specially trained staff and can be applied in cases of outbreaks or as part of routine disinfection services.

Key attributes:
  • On call unit with trained operators
  • Short Full-Depth Disinfection Cycle (FDDC)
  • No hazardous residues or byproducts
  • All measurement and monitoring equipment
  • Wide range of application possible
  • Can be used add-hock or as routine disinfection

Many outbreaks of, for example, listeria can be avoided in food production if the production area is disinfected periodically. Using the STERISAFE™-Service such service can now be offered by cleaning companies and other service providers. The STERISAFE™-Service will soon be available in the Middle-East.


UV Decontamination Technology

Hytech now are in the position to offer the Irish Market technology to address increased HAI’s in the hospital setting, using both passive and reactive technology, along with a full team to validate the efficacy of the technology.