Hand Held electrostatic sprayer

3400 mAh Lithium Ion akkumulátor / 1,5 hours órakor free time egy  
tank 1 liter and 4 hour time spray time egy  
Positive electrostatic charge  
Micron Sizes 40/80/110  
RATES Flow 82 ml / 106ml / 325ml to face egy minute  
3-4 foot spray Range  
1,7 kg in weight (Incl battery) CE and 8 Pressure bar


Back Pack electrostatic sprayer

3400 mAh Lithium Ion Battery / 1.5 hours charge time
tank 8 liters and 4 hours time spray
Positive free electrostatic
Micron Sizes 40/80/110
Rates Flow 106ml / 127ml / 370ml per minute
5-7 foot spray range
5.5 Kg in weight (Incl pressure wand and battery) CE and 11 bar

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How does electrostatics work?

Electrostatics is the process of electric charge inside when sprayed liquid droplets. This makes the droplet electricity stronger than the surface or the item it is treated. Just like magnets, they pull together and ties when one surface more charged than the other. In simple terms, when you spray a solution properly charged with electrostatics, the solution will envelop the target.

We expertly leverage the electrical phenomenon and access to patented system for wider use and we safer. Spray any water-based solution and the droplets surface for the target magnetic, and adhere to the substrate for a liquid agent superior performance than ever before.

Is only one aspect of better management of surface science of electrostatics.

Is a large system including where the liquids are going to be used and are taking them, and they must be combined with their best efforts for better results than methods or tools are currently achieving. We help professionals responsible for cleanliness, health and safety of spaces and environments operate on new levels of effectiveness and efficiency.

Our sprayers accept all water-based solutions (ie Acts like water) You can not be solvent or flammable liquids and common sense must prevail spraying solutions. Internal components are made of rubber and plastic where fluids go through and that all solutions should be tested for compliance against test data.