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Rodney Cadden

Managing Director

I am married with two kids, Alex and Daniel and live in Dublin Ireland. I am a qualified microbiologist with 25 years’ experience in the food, beverage, diary and pharmaceutical industries.

I Qualified from Sligo Institute of science in 1989, and for the last 25 years, have worked with various blue chip food companies within the quality departments. I have built up extensive experience in various start-up operations for companies diverse as HJ Heinz Russia, Idaho, Guinness, Sealed air and Johnson controls.

​In 2017, after 15 years in sales, I decided to launch I saw a niche in the market, for a company, which offered a single platform in Ireland, to test new disinfection technologies under one brand,

The Hytech Vision

We offer not only expert opinions on new technology in this sector, but also access to trialing the technology, and unique for a single platform provider, offer full validation for the efficacy of the technology in YOUR environment, be that Hospital, Clinic,  EMS services or Processed food sector.

My personal belief, is no one technology can offer full reduction or control in HAI’s, and therefore we offer a referral / peer review on with the latest technology companies to offer disinfection within the medical sector. Hytech commits to evolve over the coming years, reaching out to the industry, engaging with new technology manufacturers around the world.

Our Goal to create a presence in the Island of Ireland for their products, and provide ‘on the ground support’ to take that initial meeting with the customer, to a final trial in a medical environment along with full turn key micro analysis of results.

Infection Control Team

Our administration and support is located at Brook House in Dublin. Our team are driven to help you reduce HAI rates at your hospital, clinic, ambulance interiors or nurse’s station. With science at our core, we leverage our team’s diverse backgrounds in infection prevention to reduce infection rates in your hospital.

We use a selection of experts in the field of epidemiology and hospital infection control to offer full support on technology when purchased or leased through Hytech. Our SLA ensures the correct operation and training of the units.

We also closely engage the hospitals infection control teams, to continuously monitor results monthly, and challenge the technology to reduce HAI’s.

Infuser Partnership

INFUSER is a unique air-purification company, pioneering novel clean-tech solutions that bridge the gap between science and industry.​They  specialize in merging private-public interests and shape scientific concepts based on atmospheric chemistry into leading-edge technologies, driven by strong international demand. INFUSER utilize the natural self-cleaning properties of the Earth’s atmosphere to remove pollution in a close reactor system.

When hydrocarbon gasses are emitted and reach the atmosphere, they react with naturally occurring compounds to form particles in a process triggered by sunlight and natural gasses. The particles eventually fall to Earth with the rain, and the air is clean once again. This natural process is accelerated by a factor of 105 in our climate air purification system. We call this Advanced Atmospheric Oxidation.

Our subsistence on scientific methods gives us a unique lead and solid market position. We foresee short and long-run pitfalls and caveats derived from rushed and outdated investigations that can be costly for our customers and for the environment. INFUSERs state-of-the-art business model is to convert complex scientific concepts within air-purification into simple and tangible full-service solutions.

Academic Pedigree

The Department of Chemistry at the University of Copenhagen is a combined research and educational institution educating and training bachelors, masters and PhD students to the highest vocational standards. The department is internationally recognised and one of the largest chemistry research institutes within Danish academia.

Within the Department of Chemistry, Infuser shares a particularly close affiliation with the Copenhagen Centre for Atmospheric Research (CCAR). This affiliation is instrumental in helping to bridge scientific research with international markets and applications.

Hytech are the approved partner in Ireland to provide Sterisafe clean room disinfection systems. We work closely with Infuser, and have access to the expertise offered through Infuser, who in close affiliation with scientific institutions and government grant programs supporting environmental projects in Denmark.