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Whole-room disinfection in a hospital in Germany. All samples taken demonstrate total kill efficacy.

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Sport surgery clinic in Santry

January 2017 A presentation was made to the SSC clinic in Dublin. Although from speaking to the infection control team lead, it was made clear that patients are careened for MRSA, C Defile among other HAI, s prior to surgery, there was an interest in Sterisafe...

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Hytech in collaboration with Sligo University Hospital

January – February 2017 Hytech in collaboration with Sligo University Hospital,Ireland operated the Sterisafe, decontamination room system. Two areas in the hospital, were identified for using the sterisafe technology. An acute assessment single occupancy room. 6 bed...

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Sterisafe Announce Disinfection Technology for Food Safety

“SAFE-ROOM” is to increase the food safety in the ingredient and food factories. A new year asks for new solutions. In 2017, INFUSER will initiate a technological development of the unique and patented Full-Depth Disinfection Cycle (FDDC) with a focus on the food...

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