Bacteria & Odour control
Ultimate 4
Ultimate 4

Ultimate 4

Capable of maintaining low bacteria levels between deep cleans on surfaces and in the air.

Wall mounted, waterproof and glass safe, this fan-driven unit is perfect for chillers and workspaces up to 450m3.

Using its photo catalytic oxidation (PCO) process the system is excellent for odour control in confined areas such as by-product storage.

Ultimate SA
Small Area

Ultimate SA

A smaller version of its larger cousin but it still packs a punch, perfect for smaller areas such as maturation chillers or storage areas up to 120m3.

Widely used in high care changing and boot rooms.

The rise in demand for one of the riskiest red meat dishes on the menu – the burger – to be served rare, means that restaurants and food retailers must be confident that what they are selling is safe to eat. Meat maturation chillers are a perfect place to install. Ultimate technology as it will reduce bacteria and odours without affecting the maturation process.

  • reduce cross-contamination
  • reduce airborne pathogens
  • reduce odours
  • creates a fresh smell
  • first impressions count