Sterisafe Infuser Decontamination

The Sterisafe Solutions

Whole-room Decontamination

The Sterisafe is an affordable, no-touch method for the decontamination of rooms contaminated with pathogens: virus, bacteria, germs, toxic moulds and spores.

Sterisafe extracts pure oxygen from natural atmospheric air. During the decontamination and disinfection process, this oxygen is turned into ozone. Ozone is a well-known, highly effective, biocidal under controlled conditions.

Sterisafe disinfects the surfaces by eliminating the microorganisms on them, and removes the nano pollutants in the air.

Complete Safe Solution

After the gas generation and disinfection, Sterisafe™ reverses the process turning residual oxidants back into pure oxygen, while also removing all particulate matter. Thus, making it completely safe to re-enter the disinfected room.

Sterisafe™ leaves no residual compounds and requires no additives other than water.

  • Both surface and air disinfection.
  • Chemical and by-product free.
  • Gaseous parameters are constantly monitored – ensuring effective disinfection and safe entry level.
  • Consumes only water and electricity.
  • Fully whole-room: disinfect all cracks and corner. No shadow areas.
  • Efficacy documented by third-party, independent laboratories.


When oxidizing bacteria, viruses, pollen and general pollution in the air, by-product are created, consisting of very small particles that can potentially be carcinogenic.

Unlike other whole-room disinfection solutions, the Sterisafe™ removes the harmful particles together with all other residues remaining in the room after the decontamination phase.

Documented by the Danish Technological Institute

For the tests, all controls and verification tests were within the basic limits.

Test organism Log reduction 80 ppm for 1h
Escherichia coli ATCC 10536 ≥6.22
Listeria monocytogenes ATCC 15313 ≥7.70
Candida albicans ATCC 10231 3.65

The only whole room disinfection technology that removes harmful nanoparticles.


The test was performed with an ozone concentration at 80ppm for 1hour and 2h 30min, respectively, with Sterisafe™, proto002 from INSUFER ApS.

For the two bacteria, the gram-negative Escherichia coli and the gram-positive Listeria monocytogenes, it was possible to achieve ≥ log 5 reduction with an exposure time of 1 hour.

For the fungus Candida albicans a ≥ log 4 reduction was achieved with an exposure time of 2h 30 min.

Ozone generated with Sterisafe™, proto002 from Infuser ApS is suitable to reduce bacteria and fungi at 80ppm with an exposure time of 1h for bacteria and 2h 30min for fungus.

The Concept

The Sterisafe™ has a powerful oxidation capacity with the ability to kill pathogens by oxidizing the membrane or shell of bacteria, viruses and fungi, leading to total deactivation of these microorganisms. The oxidizing agent used is Ozone (O3), a naturally occurring gas form.

A built-in generator that only needs electricity to produce Ozone from the Oxygen (O2) within the surrounding air produces ozone. Ozone naturally turns back to Oxygen after having reacted with pathogens and other pollutants, leaving no chemical residue. The decontamination phase is accelerated by using a built-in fan to circulate the air in the room and by diffusing Ozone and a fine mist of water, increasing the humidity level to enhance the disinfection. The Ozone circulates throughout the entire room, bathing all exposed surfaces and penetrating into areas hard to access by manual cleaning.

The Ozone-saturated atmosphere in the room is sustained for a defined period of time, during which the pathogenic microorganisms are killed on surfaces and in the air. The organic odorous compounds are also reduced or entirely eliminated. The decontamination phase lasts between 1 and 24 hours depending of the size of the room and the desired disinfection level.

After the decontamination phase, the ozone vapor is neutralized using a unique quenching agent. The Sterisafe™ system has a unique patented system that will also remove all residual particles, including those that are potentially carcinogenic.

The combination of these two systems purifies the air, removing residual gas and harmful by-products and allows access to the room shortly after the decontamination is complete.

Whole room Gas dispersal

Computational Fluid Dynamic simulations are used to analysis the diffusion of the invisible gas Ozone with the STERISAFE™

STERISAFE™ is a patented invention with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office Pat. No. US 9,233,182