Mediland Hyper Light

Mediland Hyper Light Disinfection Robot

Hytech Ireland is proud to introduce the Mediland Hyper Light to Irish nursing homes and medical sector for the first time at a very affordable price.
Hytech offers full monthly finance options to own this equipment, with expert training provided by Walter Tann, ex-NHS nurse implementation manager RMCH UK.

Mediland at a Glance

Mediland is one of the major medical equipment manufacturers in Taiwan. It has been the Taiwanese and Chinese agent of GE Medical and has successful and rich sales experience in imaging medical equipment. Mediland was also the agent of worldwide leading medical equipment suppliers. With decades of professional medical equipment experience, Mediland has a complete distribution network in the medical industry.

Mediland entered the operating room equipment business in 1990 and manufactured products under the original brand Mediland. Major product ranges include surgical lights, surgical tables, surgical table accessories, operating room integration systems and pendant systems, etc. Mediland is a brand that fully represents the spirit of “made in Taiwan”. At present, Mediland has production bases in Taoyuan, Taiwan and Nanjing.

Hytech Ireland sees its major advantage over existing single light emitter systems namely:

  • 30% cheaper cost of ownership and capex costs
  • Ideal product to move from clinical disinfection in hospitals to clinical disinfection in Irish nursing homes, offices, hospitality sector/entertainment sector.
  • Small enough to fit into ambulances and aircraft
  • Ideal size to work in dentist practices

Infection Prevention & Control

Healthcare-Associated Infection (HAI)

Healthcare-associated infection (HAI), also referred to as “nosocomial” or “hospital” infection, is an infection occurring in a patient during the process of care in a hospital or other healthcare facilities. HAI can affect patients in any type of setting where they receive care and can also appear after discharge. Furthermore, they include occupational infections among staff.

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How many people would get an infection during a hospital stay?

HAI incidence in the world is around 4-6%.

The prevalence of HAI is shown below:

High-income countries

Low- and middle-income countries

[1] Report on the Burden of Endemic Health Care-Associated Infection Worldwide, World Health Organization, 2011

Environmental Hygiene and HAI

Contact Infection is a common infection type in the hospital. Thus, environmental hygiene plays an important role in reducing HAI.

However, according to the research, more than 75% of environmental surfaces have microbial residues after the standard cleaning process. In the operation room, more than 17% of environmental surfaces still have microbial residues.

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The viability of pathogens in the environment

Pathogens may persist on the environmental surfaces for a long time.

  • Acinetobacter spp.

    3 days to 5 months

  • Clostridium difficile (spores)

    5 months

  • Escherichia coli

    1.5 hours – 16 months

  • Enterococcus spp. including VRE and VSE

    5 days to 4 months

  • Klebsiella spp.

    2 hours to > 30 months

  • Mycobacterium tuberculosis

    1 day – 4 months

  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa

    6 hours – 16 months

  • Staphylococcus aureus, including MRSA

    7 days – 7 months

  • Influenza virus

    1 – 2 days

  • SARS associated virus

    72 hours – 9 days

High-touch surfaces in hospitals

High-touch surfaces are the key points during environmental hygiene.

High-touch surfaces in the operating room, including surgical table, surgical lighting, table frames and buttons, monitor buttons, anesthesia breathing machine buttons, etc. are the risks related to HAI.
Some of the most frequently touched surfaces in the patient’s room, such as bedrail, head & foot board, IV pole, monitor buttons, curtain, etc. may also result in cross infection.

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