Yanex-5 Air and Surface Decontamination Unit

Hytech Ireland works with the trustworthy company Allmode. Yanex-5 is a crucial part of their services, providing fast and thorough decontamination of various spaces and vehicles across many sectors.

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About Allmode

Providing innovative solutions, equipment and technology to the Superyacht industry, Executive transport sector, Luxury hospitality & Healthcare sectors

Allmode has built our reputation by providing innovative design and technology solutions to resolve many issues. Allmode has the experience and knowledge to offer guidance, advice and support to our clients. They supply, install and maintain bespoke technological solutions that make sense in terms of cost, quality and service.

Allmode is an Isle of Man headquartered company working with UHNW individuals, Asset Managers, and Organisations that provide state-of-the-art equipment and value-added services to industry, with specialist knowledge of the multiple business sectors.

Allmode understands your business and the challenge in achieving safety with stringent environmental and health & safety standards.Their goal is to provide the best solution to help protect your people, assets and reputation.

Services & Solutions

Allmode provides a range of Risk Management and lifestyle services to global, private clients.

  • Risk management globally
  • Maritime Security
  • Close Protection
  • Advanced Reconnaissance
  • Residential Security Services
  • Intelligence Services
  • Hostile & Complex Environment Services
  • TSCM Sweeps & Training
  • Bespoke Training Courses
  • Concierge Services
  • EMS health services incl. emergency medical support, topside cover, mental health
  • Procurement services

Germicidal UV-C

Yanex-5 eliminates COVID 19 100% in just 6 minutes

The Yanex-5 unit ensures the disinfection of surfaces contaminated
by the SARS-CoV-2:

  • Distance = 1.5 m
  • 3 min 39 sec = 99,99%
  • 6 min 45 sec = 100%
  • To eliminate SARS Cov-2, the CDC have stated it requires 59MJ/cm3
  • For 5 minutes or 10 minutes on soft furnishings.
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How does it work?

Used together with normal cleaning practices, Germicidal Irradiation by UV light (Ultraviolet)
eliminates microorganisms (bacteria, viruses such as COVID 19 and mold) by disrupting their DNA and or RNA and removing their reproductive capabilities.

High intensity plasma optical technology of the Yanex 5 uses high temperature Xenon plasma in a pulsed lamp as the irradiation source. This is 10,000 times more powerful than traditional germicidal lamps and eliminating 99.99% of MROs and Viruses

Proven results.

YANEX-5 Air and Surface Decontamination System

Innovative, Proven, Quick and Easy to Use

  • Ultra-Violet Ultra Clean
  • The only UV-C equipment to date that has been tested on SARS-Cov2 with proven results.
  • Tested by Russian Military in Moscow.
  • Approved by Russian Space Agency, and used to sanitise cosmonauts quarters in star city.
  • Used to sanitise all payloads going to the international space station prior to deployment.
  • Used to sanitise all payloads going to the international space station prior to deployment.
  • Decontaminates all surfaces as well as the air.
  • Fast coverage 30 cm3 in 9 minutes
  • Compact design for easy storage and transportation.
  • Does not interfere with optoelectronics.
  • Wide application including: Yacht interiors, Check in areas, Aircraft, Heliports, Hospitality Venues, Ground Transport, etc.
Long Lifetime

5 years minimum with systems operating 10 plus years

Simple Maintenance

Cleaning briefcase with cloth and distilled water Lamp change 12-15 months

UK & EU approved service centres

Fast coverage to enable quick turn around times between journeys and events

Examples of sanitizing time:

  • Mercedes V Class Limo

    9 minutes
  • Tender

    15 minutes
  • Agusta Westland AW109

    12 minutes

Why choose Yanex-5 Decontamination

  • Proven to kill Norovirus, MRSA, MERS, SARS,CPE C Diff CRE, VRE, Clapsi, CautiSARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and other Multidrug resistant organisms
  • Fast decontamination of both air and surfaces
  • Safe easy operation can be used by anyone
  • Unique briefcase size
  • Highly portable and easy to store
  • Remote control
  • Full traceability
  • Proven performance worldwide
  • 2,000 + units in operation
  • Minimal maintenance

UV-C versus Deep (terminal) cleaning 50% of high-touch surfaces are not cleaned during terminal cleaning.

Watch UV-C versus Deep
Videos on YouTube

Training & Implementation

  • Allmode Certified clinical trainers
  • Full training and implementation strategy for users, owners and staff/crew
  • Certified user programmewithin the business
  • Preparation of areas to be cleaned including positioning of equipment and the setup of individual room formats
  • Any safety queries

Safety Protocols

  • Voice alert indicating commencement of decontamination process
  • Remote control movement sensor on door handle immediately shuts down unit if movement detected
  • Strobe effect of the light making operation visible
  • Safety guidelines within operating manual

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the pulsed UV unit photodegrade other substances besides viruses and bacteria?

Pulsed ultraviolet light is able to destruct gaseous toxic compounds of natural and artificial origin (ester, formalin and others) by photooxidatingand photodegrading them, in the same time removing any odours in the room.

Does the use of the unit replace germicidal recirculators, previously installed in the room?

The units do not replace, but supplement the effect of recirculators. A pulsed unit is intended to prepare rooms for use, simultaneously decontaminating the air and open surfaces. When a room is in use and the implementation of units is not possible, recirculatorsare deployed to maintain the required microbial load in the air. Which means that consecutive implementation of recirculatorsand pulsed UV units considerably increases the disinfection efficiency.

What safety measures should be taken when operating the units?

The units work in the absence of people. Before the unit launches a disinfection cycle, the irradiation indicator turns on. A sound signal and 20-seconds’ delay allow the personnel to safely leave the room to be treated. The disinfection cycle can be interrupted by pressing the STOP button on the control panel or on the remote control. If for whatever reason somebody happens to be in the room with a working unit, the first thing to do is to protect the eyes, then leave the room immediately. This has no permanent consequences for human health.

How are shadow areas treated?

Shadow areas are treated by moving the unit and activating it in various points of a room (2 or more), so as to cover all existing shadow areas. Besides, such approach allows for reducing not only the cycle duration in each specific point, but of the whole room treatment due to shorter distance from the lamp to the farthest surface to be treated (especially when decontaminating large rooms).

Is any special training required for the personnel
to operate the pulsed UV units?

For operating mobile and portable units, no training is needed. All the necessary information can be found in the User’s Manual. If desired, the experts of the manufacturer or a distributor can help with a first launch of the unit, deliver a basic training, and answer any arising questions. Stationary units are installed and put into operation by the manufacturer’s service department.

Are there any consumable materials?

The only consumable item of the units is the lamp (lamp assembly).

How often does the lamp need to be replaced?

This strongly depends on how often the unit is used (once a day, before every surgery, once a week). The practice of usage at healthcare facilities demonstrates that for a mobile unit, the lamp should be replaced once or twice a year; for the portable and stationary units –once every 3 years.

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