UV Concepts

The Constellation ProgramTM is the first and only ecosystem solution designed to supplement the manual cleaning and disinfection process for non-critical portable medical equipment.

UV-Concepts is focused on collaborating with healthcare institutions that are willing to challenge existing paradigms with regards to the cleaning and disinfection of non-critical portable medical equipment.

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Automated “no-touch” UV-C Enclosure (UVE™)

Purpose-built to supplement the manual cleaning and disinfection process for non-critical portable and reusable medical equipment. Only platformed designed to control INTENSITY, PROXIMITY, and LINE OF SIGHT.


UV-C germicidal wavelength of 254nm producing 4-6 log reduction of C. diff, MRSA, and C. Auris


60-second cycle time


Automated cycle and containment of the UV light produces same result every time


Minimize healthcare worker exposure to hazardous chemicals

Real-time Equipment Indicator Tag

Innovative tag is the missing digital link between your PME, UVEtm, and cloud-based process management platform.

Tag (1″ x 2″ in size) is attached to each piece of equipment

Long battery life

Provides actionable intelligence for the end-user, improving efficiencies & task management

Automatically programmed

Unlimited screen configurations that change automatically or based on protocol settings

UV Concepts

Cloud-based Process Management Platform

Customizable administrative portal allows for complete control of the process as well as analytics at your fingertips.

Real-time protocol status & adherence reporting

Protocol creation in the software

Cloud-based solution eliminates the need of onsite IT infrastructure

Provides actionable intelligence to the end-user

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