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EQ Ultra

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Utilising the UV method for uncompromising disinfection and sterilisation of air and all surfaces.

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EQ Ultra launch at Fairyhouse Racecourse

Interview with Racing TV

Technology from the Medical sector to reduce infection rates now available for the first time into the Equine sector in Ireland.

How does

EQ Ultra work in a yard?

For as little as €5 per horse per month

EQ Ultra can provide a 'clean air bubble' environment for your horses. Unlike fogging, EQ Ultra can protect against one sick horse in the yard. EQ Ultra UV kills all bacteria including Strep Equi, which causes Strangles.  

EQ Ultra Unit is pushed into stable and disinfects while horse is at work/schooling/racing.  Each stable takes 10 mins. Designed to fit into your current cleaning protocols with no added labour time.

The unit can also be used in Walkers, Lorries etc. EQ Ultra is supplied and maintained us. We can demonstrate and service your units at your convenience.

What We Do

A cleaner environment for

peak performance

UV Light technology



The most common causes of respiratory difficulties are fungi and mycotoxins especially the pathogenic fungus:  Aspergillus Fumigatus. Infections caused by fungi in the respiratory system can be infectious, poisonous, allergic, or all three.

Hay, haylage, straw, and oats are the most significant sources of this fungus. It is a storage fungus that spreads in foods that have been stored in excess or with a moisture level of morea than 14%. When the fungus contaminates feed or bedding, the horse has no alternative but to breathe in these dangerous spores into the stable. The fungus also causes immunosuppression, which is frequently a prelude to subsequent bacterial and viral infections.

Testing conducted by Irish National Stud in both horse box and foaling box, demonstrated that 95% of Aspergillus Niger fungi were removed from the air in each box, placing EQ ultra in box, and running for EQ ultra for 15 minutes .

( Source,  Irish equine centre Kildare Ireland)

Hytech EQ Ultra technology

Proven Technology

Tested at the Irish Equine Centre. This Technology from the Medical sector proven to reduce infection rates is now available for the first time into the Equine sector in Ireland.

Hytech Horse

Designed for Equine Industry

Far more powerful and effective than current cleaning and disinfection methods.   Combats ASPERGILLUS, STRANGLES 

(Strep Equi) and other common illnesses.

Portable icon

User friendly for busy yards

Portable, cost effective and labour saving.

Hytech Bacteria

More effective than tradional methods

The EQ Ultra  device is mobile and pushes straight into stables, horse box transporters , as well as equine hospital theatres .  It utilises specific UV-C light to kill germs and pathogens that may remain on the surface, and in the air, even after manual cleaning and disinfection by traditional methods.

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