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Mediland Hyper Light

Hytech Ireland is proud to introduce the Mediland Hyper Light to Irish nursing homes and medical sector for the first time at a very affordable price.

Hytech offers full monthly finance options to own this equipment, with expert training provided by Walter Tann, ex-NHS nurse implementation manager RMCH UK.

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“Hytech’s decontamination solutions have become a fundamental part of successfully and safely delivering services to our patients.”

To best serve our clients we have no vested interested with any manufacturer or organisation, allowing us to provide independent, unbiased, clear and comprehensive results.

We deliver timely on-site trials for new technology and callorbative with state Bodies to help bring this to varying hospitals and clinics on Ireland. Our technology is specifically aimed at infection control. We also provide mobile technology for Air ambulances / ambulance vehicles and various other modes of transport in the medical setting.

Our technologies are to tackle HAL, as is both passive and reactive.

Superyacht Industry

Hytech Ireland works with the trustworthy company Allmode. Yanex-5 is what they use to eliminate COVID 19 100% in just 6 minutes. It is a fast coverage to enable quick turnaround times between journeys and events.

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NEW to Ireland: Cutting Edge UV Technology

Hytech now are in the position to offer the Irish Market technology to address increased HAI’s in various settings, using both passive and reactive technology, along with a full team to validate the efficacy of the technology.